Tokyo, Japan – Top 10 Places to Visit

1. Tokyo Skytree

This is the tallest tower in Japan, 634 meters high with two observation decks. Being the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kanto region, this place also serves as a very important landmark in Tokyo. It is the best place to get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo, then followed by Tokyo Tower.

The queue can be very long during peak hours as visitors flood from around the world. Therefore, it is best if you can purchase the tickets online prior to your visit here. Besides the top, grab a chance to visit the shopping complex and aquarium at the base.

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck

2. Sensō-ji Temple, Asakusa

Coming to Tokyo, you must visit the largest and oldest Buddhist temple in town – Sensō-ji Temple. It is located in the historic Asakusa neighborhood. Take some insta-worthy photos with its iconic big red lantern and impressive pagoda-style structure, which remains since WW2 era.

Experience the ancient atmosphere while you walk along Nakamise shopping street. For kids, you may visit Hanayashiki nearby, which is also the oldest amusement park in the country.

Meiji Jingu, Shibuya Tokyo

3. Meiji Jingū, Shibuya

Also known as Meiji Shrine, this Shinto shrine was built in for the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. Located across the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world- Shibuya Crossing, it remains one of the most visited tourist spots in Tokyo.

Every year, the shrine welcomes more than 3 million visitors during the New Year’s first prayers (hatsumode). While during the normal days, you may witness traditional Shinto weddings taking place in the shrine.

Meiji Jingu Tokyo
Meiji Shrine Tokyo

4. Imperial Palace & East Garden

Imperial Palace is the Emperor of Japan’s home. The palace buildings and inner gardens are only open to the public during New Year’s Greeting on January 2nd and the Emperor’s Birthday on December 23rd. Except for East Garden, which is open to visitors all year long. You can make bookings for tours on the Imperial Palace grounds.

5. Yanaka, Tokyo

Tokyo is well known for its futuristic and vibrant city atmosphere. However, you can still explore old-time Tokyo around the Yanaka area. It is located in central of the city and rich with local vibes. Visit the Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street, shop and eat like locals, while exploring the charming neighborhood.

Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street
Yanaka Ginza Tokyo

6. Toyosu Market

If you are a sushi lover, you must visit Toyosu Fish Market! In 2018, the world’s largest fish market – Tsukiji Market was relocated to Toyosu. Thus, it is now the place to watch the renowned daily Tuna Auction. But you can still visit Tsukiji for the historic food stalls and restaurants outside the market area.

Toyosu Market
toyosu fish market
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7. Akihabara, Tokyo

Known as the Electic Town, Akihabara is the world’s largest town with collections of all kinds of electronic appliances and devices. You can always get top technology products here. It is also one of the favorite places to visit for anime and manga fans from around the world. As well as another unique place to check out Tokyo’s quirky maid cafés.


8. Ryōgoku

As the capital of Sumo culture in Tokyo, Ryogōku hosts a number of Sumo training houses. Some of them also allow you to watch their early-morning practices real close for free. Besides, visit Ryogōku Kokugikan or the Sumo Hall to watch Sumo tournaments live. You can check the event dates on the Japan Sumo Association website.


9. Kabuki-za Theatre, Ginza

This is the principal theatre for traditional kabuki dance drama in Tokyo. It is also the only theatre that hosts shows monthly in Japan. Make sure to visit the Kabuki-za to witness their fancy costumes, make-up, and sets. You will also be attracted to its aged and unique building design, which has been declared as Tangible Cultural Property in the year 2002.


10. Odaiba

Complete your visit by exploring Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. Watch the gigantic Gundam Robot, and explore the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. For an unforgettable onsen experience, you may also want to visit Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari. It is one of the best ways to relax after a long day trip.

Odaiba Gundam Robot
Odaiba Museum