Top Chinese Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

1. Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant of One World Hotel is a great place for large groups. It is a popular choice for festive celebrations or company dinner. They also have private dining rooms for smaller groups. Besides, the restaurant serves premium Cantonese cuisines with ingredients like lobsters, crabmeat, scallops, oysters and more. Thus, do expect premium pricing for the bill.

PJ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

2. New Paris Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is popular for its extremely fast service and always crowded during dining hours. It spans over two shop lots with both ground and upper levels. Some of the notable Chinese dishes are Watermelon Chicken (Champion Chicken), Guinness Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab, and signature Tofu. Remember to book in advance if you are visiting during festive seasons.

PJ New Paris Chinese Restaurant

3. Restoran Lan Je

Located at Kota Damansara, people often visit here for their signature steamed Tilapia fish. You can choose a few different levels of spiciness – mild to extremely spicy. However, the space in the restaurant is relatively small and normally fully seated. Therefore, be sure to reach early to avoid the crowd.

4. Oriental Pavilion Chinese Restaurant

This is the only Chinese restaurant in CNN Travel Guide’s list of KL Top 20 restaurants. It features both a restaurant and banquet hall which can accommodate more than 500 people. Furthermore, the restaurant specializes in fine Cantonese dishes. It is also a popular place for Dim Sum breakfast in PJ.

PJ Oriental Pavilion Chinese Restaurant

5. Oriental Cravings

Different from other restaurants on the list, this restaurant is situated inside a shopping mall. The Far East Kopitiam interior concept has made the restaurant stands out from the rest in the mall. The office workers usually flock the restaurant during weekdays. Try out their signature claypot loh shu fen and other typical Chinese food!

PJ Oriental Cravings Chinese Restaurant

6. Restaurant Extra Super Tanker

This restaurant opened in July 2004 and offers authentic Cantonese-Hakka cuisines. It also claimed that they serve food unique in taste and can hardly be found in any other restaurant. Besides, their roast duck is one of the best in town. They also offer wide choices of pork dishes, especially pork knuckles.

7. Gold Dragon City Seafood Restaurant

The locals often visit this traditional 80’s styled Chinese banquet restaurant during the weekends. They serve well off portion food at reasonable prices. You should make reservation in advance if going in a larger group. They serve typical Chinese cuisines like ‘Shao-xin’ wine chicken, braised abalone, onion bean curd and more.

PJ Gold Dragon City Chinese Restaurant

8. Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant

A slightly premium choice for roasted duck lovers. Here, the roasted duck skin is thin and crispy, while the meat is tender and flavourful. That’s what people often come here not for the seafood. However, from fish to crabs, prawns to squid, you can also find average seafood dishes here.

PJ Loong Foong Chinese Restaurant

9. Double Joy Chinese Food

This restaurant offers inexpensive dishes for the public. You can choose to sit in the air-conditioned indoor or outdoor dining areas. Although you might not enjoy the environment here, but you will definitely like the great food taste. You can ask for recommendations from the staff to know what’s the fresh choice of the day.

10. Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Lastly, try out the crispy Peking duck here! This restaurant serves a variety of finest Chinese cuisine in town. You can also order their delicious dim sum. During Chinese New Year, you may bring your family to try their special hand-picked menus.

PJ Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant