Top Chinese Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia

1. Huo Tan Wang Charcoal Steamboat

Huo Tan Wang is a top Chinese restaurant that still serves charcoal steamboat nowadays. When you come here, the first thing you will notice is the tall chimneys of the hotpots. Next, there are three choices of broth – signature sour and spicy soup, traditional clear soup, or Thai tom yum soup. You can also combine two soups in one pot. While each set comes with Eel Fish Balls, Enoki Mushroom as well as Chinese cabbage.

2. Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for a Chinese fine dining experience, this is the right place to go. Despite the high prices, their food quality is highly rated. You will also enjoy the elegant mansion environment here. They serve traditional Chinese dishes as well as premium seafood steamboat. Remember to make reservations before you come especially for reunion dinners.

Maple Palace Top Chinese Restaurant Penang
Maple Palace Top Chinese Restaurant abalone

3. Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine

This place has shocked Penangnites when it just opened, due to its extraordinary design. You will also like the exclusive view of the pier from the restaurant. In fact, the award-winning Chinese restaurant was originally opened in London in 1987. Try some of the creative dishes by skilled chef here, while enjoying their top services.

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine Penang
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4. My Home Style Restaurant

Miss your grandmother’s cooking? My Home Style is just as described in the name. They serve home-cook dishes like Bittergourd Egg, Fried Bean Curd with Brinjal, Braised Pork Belly, etc. The taste would bring you back to the place for more than once.

My Home Style Top Chinese Restaurant

5. Tek Sen Restaurant

The business started as a small ordinary rice stall in the year 1965. Now, it is a two-shop-lot restaurant serving a wide range of local cuisines on the menu. Usually, there is a big crowd queue during dining hours. So, be sure to go early if you want to try out the food there.

Tek Sen Top Chinese Restaurant Penang

6. Baba Phang

Being one of its kind, Baba Phang serves Peranakan Chinese food. This restaurant belongs to Chef Baba Vincent who has more than 20 years of experience. Try their signature dish Cincalok Fried Pork and also the special Chef’s recipe Acar Kiam Hu.

Baba Phang Penang Top Chinese Restaurant

7. Restaurant Bali Hai Seafood Market

You will notice this restaurant when you are coming near the Gurney Drive seafront, with its big LED signage. Not only you can pick seafood live from the tanks, but you also can choose the way it cooks. Enjoy the best way to preserve seafood’s original freshness, flavor, and taste.

Bali Hai Seafood Market

8. Starview Restaurant

As a typical Chinese restaurant, this place serves almost every classic Chinese cuisine that you can recall. Popular among the locals, this restaurant is a nice place for wedding dinners and Chinese New Year reunions.

Starview Restaurant Top Chinese Restaurant

9. Hu Ji Chinese Restaurant

Talking about Chinese food, people normally think of pork. But, this pork-free restaurant will change your mind. This restaurant is popular for its lunch porridge buffet with colorful side dishes. So, try their sweet potato porridge which you may not get it easily out there.

Hu Ji Top Chinese Restaurant

10. Tho Yuen Restaurant

Different from others on the list, Tho Yuen Restaurant is well known for its fresh and authentic Dim Sum served daily. They also serve Egg Tarts, Paos, and Chicken Rice. The place tends to be crowded in the morning, especially weekends. You may also want to try their traditional homemade walnut cookies.

Tho Yuen Restaurant Penang