Top Chinese Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

1. Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant of One World Hotel is a great place for large groups. It is a popular choice for festive celebrations or company dinner. They also have private dining rooms for smaller groups. Besides, the restaurant serves premium Cantonese cuisines with ingredients like lobsters, crabmeat, scallops, oysters and more. Thus, do expect premium pricing for the bill.

PJ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

2. New Paris Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is popular for its extremely fast service and always crowded during dining hours. It spans over two shop lots with both ground and upper levels. Some of the notable Chinese dishes are Watermelon Chicken (Champion Chicken), Guinness Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab, and signature Tofu. Remember to book in advance if you are visiting during festive seasons.

PJ New Paris Chinese Restaurant

3. Restoran Lan Je

Located at Kota Damansara, people often visit here for their signature steamed Tilapia fish. You can choose a few different levels of spiciness – mild to extremely spicy. However, the space in the restaurant is relatively small and normally fully seated. Therefore, be sure to reach early to avoid the crowd.

4. Oriental Pavilion Chinese Restaurant

This is the only Chinese restaurant in CNN Travel Guide’s list of KL Top 20 restaurants. It features both a restaurant and banquet hall which can accommodate more than 500 people. Furthermore, the restaurant specializes in fine Cantonese dishes. It is also a popular place for Dim Sum breakfast in PJ.

PJ Oriental Pavilion Chinese Restaurant

5. Oriental Cravings

Different from other restaurants on the list, this restaurant is situated inside a shopping mall. The Far East Kopitiam interior concept has made the restaurant stands out from the rest in the mall. The office workers usually flock the restaurant during weekdays. Try out their signature claypot loh shu fen and other typical Chinese food!

PJ Oriental Cravings Chinese Restaurant

6. Restaurant Extra Super Tanker

This restaurant opened in July 2004 and offers authentic Cantonese-Hakka cuisines. It also claimed that they serve food unique in taste and can hardly be found in any other restaurant. Besides, their roast duck is one of the best in town. They also offer wide choices of pork dishes, especially pork knuckles.

7. Gold Dragon City Seafood Restaurant

The locals often visit this traditional 80’s styled Chinese banquet restaurant during the weekends. They serve well off portion food at reasonable prices. You should make reservation in advance if going in a larger group. They serve typical Chinese cuisines like ‘Shao-xin’ wine chicken, braised abalone, onion bean curd and more.

PJ Gold Dragon City Chinese Restaurant

8. Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant

A slightly premium choice for roasted duck lovers. Here, the roasted duck skin is thin and crispy, while the meat is tender and flavourful. That’s what people often come here not for the seafood. However, from fish to crabs, prawns to squid, you can also find average seafood dishes here.

PJ Loong Foong Chinese Restaurant

9. Double Joy Chinese Food

This restaurant offers inexpensive dishes for the public. You can choose to sit in the air-conditioned indoor or outdoor dining areas. Although you might not enjoy the environment here, but you will definitely like the great food taste. You can ask for recommendations from the staff to know what’s the fresh choice of the day.

10. Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Lastly, try out the crispy Peking duck here! This restaurant serves a variety of finest Chinese cuisine in town. You can also order their delicious dim sum. During Chinese New Year, you may bring your family to try their special hand-picked menus.

PJ Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Top 10 Places to Visit

kuala lumpur city

1. Petronas Twin Towers

Once the tallest buildings in the world, Petronas Twin Towers is the signature landmark of Kuala Lumpur. Standing at 452 meters from the ground, it features a two-level Skybridge and spectacular city view from level 86. You can purchase the tickets from the official website prior to your visit.

If you are bringing your children, you may also want to visit the Petrosains center or Aquaria KLCC. Lastly, visit Suria KLCC Mall right at the ground levels to grab some local souvenirs.

2. Batu Caves

Climbing up the 272-step colorful trek, you will reach the century-old temple in the main cave. Enjoy the natural limestone view, while visiting the Hindu shrines and art galleries. Besides, this place is especially crowded during Hindu festivals like Thaipusam. Visit during the time and you can experience the cultural celebration like locals.

3. Menara Kuala Lumpur / KL Tower

This 421 meters tall KL Tower is the tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia. It is uniquely located within a forest – the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. You can also spot the tower from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur. Get the best KL views from its observation deck. Optionally, you can also enjoy the 360-degree view while eating at its revolving restaurant.

kl tower

4. Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

As a popular venue for national events, Merdeka Square is crowded all-year-long. It is located right in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. This is also the place where independence of the country is declared in the year 1957. Thus, you can see a giant Malaysian Flag rising high in the center of the square.

5. Central Market (Pasar Seni)

Initially a wet market, Central Market is now a one-stop center for Malaysian batik, handicrafts, collectibles, and other souvenirs. This heritage building hosts boutiques and stalls that offer local merchandise. Besides, you can also enjoy a wide range of local cuisine at the food court. For more local food, visit the popular Chinatown district – Petaling Street across the road.

KL Central Market
Kuala Lumpur Pasar Seni

6. Thean Hou Temple

This magnificent Chinese temple is located right in the city center. Its grand architecture has attracted lots of tourists and photographers. It is also a popular place for the local Chinese community during religious festivals. Furthermore, this temple serves as a marriage registration center. So, you will see happy couples having their marriage here.

kuala lumpur thean hou temple
kl temple
© kuaby

7. Jalan Alor

Craving for local food? Come to Jalan Alor and fix your cravings! This place is like a hidden gem, and you might not able to find it unless you ask the locals. Try out the famous street food here at a reasonable price. You will love the seafood and meat delicacies offered. Besides, you can experience the Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife by visiting the pubs and restaurants nearby.

8. Perdana Botanical Garden

A green lung in the city, Perdana Botanical Garden has more than a decade of history. It is famous for the vast collection of botanical plants. Some notable gardens include Orchid Garden, Hibiscus Garden, and Sunken Garden.

9. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Visit here to explore all the information you need to know about Kuala Lumpur. From its history formation to its current development. You will also find miniatures of KL landmarks and painting, as well as some historical photos. Besides, you can get free maps, or sign up for guided bicycle and walking tours here.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

10. National Monument Park (Tugu Negara)

This sculpture is built in memory of Malaysians who sacrificed their lives for Malaya’s independence. It is also proudly one of Asia’s tallest bronze statues. Visit the beautiful garden with fountains and pavilions during evening and you will feel the peace.

tugu negara

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Langkawi, Malaysia – Top 10 Places to Visit

1. Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

Eagle Square is a must-visit place for every visitor to Langkawi. Besides, the 12 meter-tall sculpture of an eagle with widely open wings, has been a signature landmark. From here, it is only 5 minutes walk to other travel destinations on the island. In the evening, people like to walk around to enjoy sea breezes and watch the ferries plying along the harbor.

Dataran Lang, Langkawi

2. Langkawi Sky Bridge & SkyCab

A special way to have an aerial view of Langkawi is to view from this 124 meter-long suspended bridge. It is also called “The Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge In The World”. 700 meter above the sea level, this bridge can accommodate not more than 250 people at a time. Tourists can have a view of several Langkawi’s islets while enjoying the cool breeze.

The only way to access this bridge is to take a 15-minute ride on the Langkawi SkyCab. It goes steeply up to the Mount Machinchang and stops at 2 viewpoints. You will also enjoy the breathtaking view along the journey.

© dezeen

3. Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang or Cenang Beach is one of the most hustling beach towns on Langkawi island. Many budget guesthouses and hostels are located here. Thus, it also has many restaurants, cafes, and shops that you can spend time around. Besides, try out the Jet Ski Tour or just simply enjoy the sunbathing time here.

4. Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market

If you are looking out for some local food, make sure to visit the Friday Night Market in Ayer Hangat. Not too far away from Tanjung Rhu Beach, it is also a less touristic place to go, as you can experience the local side of Langkawi. You will see local cuisines like Nasi Kerabu, beef stew, or Lemang here.

Langkawi night market
langkawi night market

5. Taman Lagenda

Complete your sightseeing in Langkawi with a visit to Taman Lagenda. Explore the garden museum on foot or ride in a buggy. It is beautifully landscaped with 17 sculptures, each with its own local legend. Next, it is also a popular park for local joggers.

legenda langkawi
langkawi taman lagenda

6. Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya is the Langkawi’s highest peak with an altitude of 881 meters. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the island from the mountain peak. The ancient legend saying that this mountain is actually the cursed form of the giant Mat Raya, who once lived on the island. This is also a popular hiking spot for tourists, where they hike to the peak through the rainforests. Besides, lucky enough, you may see some leaf monkeys, white-bellied eagles, hornbills, and other animal species.

7. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

Seven Wells Waterfalls derived its name from the 7 natural pools channeled by 7 separate waterfalls in Gunung Mat Cincang. Get yourself ready to explore this one of the best secret places to visit in Langkawi! Moreover, dip yourself in the cool waters or climb up to the top of the waterfalls for a totally different view.

8. Langkawi Wildlife Park

For nature lovers, if mountain hiking is not enough, you can visit this park. At here, you will be able to see the wildlife animals and more than 2,500 exotic birds up close. There are over 150 different bird species, including parakeets, eagles, toucans, owls, flamingos, and hornbills. You can also walk leisurely at their walk-in aviary and take a photo with their 15 meters tall manmade waterfall.

langkawi wildlife park
langkawi wildlife park

9. Underwater World Langkawi

On a family trip? Don’t worry. You can bring the kids to Underwater World Langkawi to take a walk “underwater”. The kids will be amazed by the huge number of sea creatures available in the tank, which includes sharks, penguins, Arapaima, stingrays, etc. You may also pre-book the tickets online through their official website to avoid hustle during the trip.

langkawi underwater world

10. Art in Paradise Langkawi

Located at Langkawi’s Oriental Village, this is the 2nd-largest 3D art museum in the world, while largest in Malaysia. It has more than 200 beautiful artworks that look alive when photographed. You can also spend a long time here, exploring multiple zones inside the 3-storey building.

langkawi 3d art

Top Chinese Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia

1. Huo Tan Wang Charcoal Steamboat

Huo Tan Wang is a top Chinese restaurant that still serves charcoal steamboat nowadays. When you come here, the first thing you will notice is the tall chimneys of the hotpots. Next, there are three choices of broth – signature sour and spicy soup, traditional clear soup, or Thai tom yum soup. You can also combine two soups in one pot. While each set comes with Eel Fish Balls, Enoki Mushroom as well as Chinese cabbage.

2. Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for a Chinese fine dining experience, this is the right place to go. Despite the high prices, their food quality is highly rated. You will also enjoy the elegant mansion environment here. They serve traditional Chinese dishes as well as premium seafood steamboat. Remember to make reservations before you come especially for reunion dinners.

Maple Palace Top Chinese Restaurant Penang
Maple Palace Top Chinese Restaurant abalone

3. Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine

This place has shocked Penangnites when it just opened, due to its extraordinary design. You will also like the exclusive view of the pier from the restaurant. In fact, the award-winning Chinese restaurant was originally opened in London in 1987. Try some of the creative dishes by skilled chef here, while enjoying their top services.

Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine Penang
© Robb Report Malaysia

4. My Home Style Restaurant

Miss your grandmother’s cooking? My Home Style is just as described in the name. They serve home-cook dishes like Bittergourd Egg, Fried Bean Curd with Brinjal, Braised Pork Belly, etc. The taste would bring you back to the place for more than once.

My Home Style Top Chinese Restaurant

5. Tek Sen Restaurant

The business started as a small ordinary rice stall in the year 1965. Now, it is a two-shop-lot restaurant serving a wide range of local cuisines on the menu. Usually, there is a big crowd queue during dining hours. So, be sure to go early if you want to try out the food there.

Tek Sen Top Chinese Restaurant Penang

6. Baba Phang

Being one of its kind, Baba Phang serves Peranakan Chinese food. This restaurant belongs to Chef Baba Vincent who has more than 20 years of experience. Try their signature dish Cincalok Fried Pork and also the special Chef’s recipe Acar Kiam Hu.

Baba Phang Penang Top Chinese Restaurant

7. Restaurant Bali Hai Seafood Market

You will notice this restaurant when you are coming near the Gurney Drive seafront, with its big LED signage. Not only you can pick seafood live from the tanks, but you also can choose the way it cooks. Enjoy the best way to preserve seafood’s original freshness, flavor, and taste.

Bali Hai Seafood Market

8. Starview Restaurant

As a typical Chinese restaurant, this place serves almost every classic Chinese cuisine that you can recall. Popular among the locals, this restaurant is a nice place for wedding dinners and Chinese New Year reunions.

Starview Restaurant Top Chinese Restaurant

9. Hu Ji Chinese Restaurant

Talking about Chinese food, people normally think of pork. But, this pork-free restaurant will change your mind. This restaurant is popular for its lunch porridge buffet with colorful side dishes. So, try their sweet potato porridge which you may not get it easily out there.

Hu Ji Top Chinese Restaurant

10. Tho Yuen Restaurant

Different from others on the list, Tho Yuen Restaurant is well known for its fresh and authentic Dim Sum served daily. They also serve Egg Tarts, Paos, and Chicken Rice. The place tends to be crowded in the morning, especially weekends. You may also want to try their traditional homemade walnut cookies.

Tho Yuen Restaurant Penang